Are You for Real?

After reading The Velveteen Rabbit the other day, I started to think about what it means to be Real. The story describes Real as a coveted state of being, something all playthings wanted to become. Somehow the rabbit knew that to be Real was much preferred over being fake. He knew that with Real, came something special, but he didn’t know exactly what that something special was. He had heard about being Real from the Skin Horse and some of the other toys, but he didn’t know how to get there himself. The book tells the story about his journey to Real. Not the “Real” someone else wanted him to be, but his Real. Read more

You Can’t Truly Experience Easter Without Truly Living Lent

I’m that person that would rather drive than fly. Although I am excited about the destination, I value the potential opportunities for personal insight and growth along the way.  There’s nothing like piling ten people in a fifteen passenger van, and driving across the country, to help you learn more about yourself!  I think the experiences that occur between my point of departure and my destination are way too important to miss, so I am willing to drive almost anywhere!  To me the journey, and all that comes with it, makes arriving at the destination all that more sweet. Read more