6 Habits That Destroy Gratitude

November is just around the corner!

And with it comes Thanksgiving and the focus on gratitude. I love the idea of intentionally cultivating the habit of thankfulness all year!  In fact, every Thursday is #ThankfulThursday on my social media feed, which challenges me to consistently be aware of what I love and feel blessed by so that I can share it with you!  I’ve been thinking lately…. Why, even with this weekly practice, can I sometimes still fall short in the grateful department! Why? What is it that trips me up?

What is it that derails our efforts to be more grateful? ……. Our habits.

Underlying habits that we may not even be aware of can sneak in and trip us up. Certain habits, like weeds in a garden, can creep into our garden of gratitude and strangle our grateful heart, prevent its growth. Many habits come to mind, but these six habits are particularly lethal for gratitude; comparing, self-pity, complaining, isolation, entitlement and busyness.  

Certain habits can derail our efforts to cultivate gratitude!

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