The Difference Between Coaching and Therapy

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Today more and more people across the globe are realizing the benefits of working with a coach. You can find a coach for just about everything from writing a book to cancer recovery, or from unlocking the full potential of an executive to reconnecting a mom with her authentic self after a career of raising kids! This increased awareness coupled with the need for a whole person (mind, body, soul) approach to wellness has opened up increased access and more collaborative opportunities for coaching.

The wellness community is moving fast toward a standard that includes the “whole person” approach. Mental wellness, being an essential part of this whole person wellness equation, is an area where coaches are making a unique contribution.  Recognizing the potential and opportunity for self-awareness and personal growth, more mental health professionals are partnering with coaches.

With the increased availability of coaching within mental health practices, it’s important to draw the distinction between coaching and therapy.

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Take Control of Your Life in 5 Easy Steps


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Summertime is a deliciously different time of year for us.  It comes with a more relaxed attitude and openness to adventure and fun!  I don’t know about you, but sometimes that fun loving summer vibe can wreak havoc on my goals!  Don’t get me wrong! I do love me some free-flowing Summer living! (for a time.)  But all that “chillin” is a lot easier to enjoy when I know I have a system in place that can help me get back on track in a flash!

I’d love to offer you a system that does just that! It helps me organize and keep track of the long list of to-dos, dreams, goals and good ideas that constantly fill my head.  This system also allows me to “take a vacation” from it and seamlessly hop right back in where I left off when I’m ready!

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Ahhhh Summer!  June 20th marked the official start to Summer 2020!

If you’re like me, you have a vision for what you want your summer to look like.

All too often though we get to the end of summer and wonder where it went! We start the summer with a vision and good intentions to follow the dream, and then, somewhere along the line life takes over, we put our head down and plow through summer, one day at a time, missing out on all of the sweet memories and impactful potential experiences. In short, we lose sight of the “vision”.  Before we know it, it’s the end of the summer and we look up, marveling at how fast time flies and mourning another summer that didn’t turn out the way we wanted, hoped or expected it would. Read more

Unconditional Love or Doormat?



What is the difference between acting out of “unconditional love” and being a “doormat”?

This might be the most frequently asked question in my 26 years of working in women’s ministry! In one way or other, women have been expressing their confusion with regard to boundaries and unconditional love. It’s like, how can they coexist? We get the sense that we “should” have boundaries but have a tough time reconciling the “I deserve to be treated with respect because I am a daughter of God” with the message of “unconditional love” and “putting others first”. Read more


Hello Friends,

With so many options for online services and activities for how to fully live this year’s Triduum and Easter while in quarantine, you may not need or want any more input! Believe me, I understand!

My intention isn’t to replace or take away from what you already have planned, rather I’m hoping that by sharing my plan with you it might help simplify your approach to this holy time of year and free you up to just enter into it!

My prayer is that what I’ve put together will bless you and help with your at-home observance of these most holy days ahead! Read more