About Ruth

Author and Personal Success Coach, Ruth O’Neil, began her coaching career in 1994 serving the North Georgia Community through her work in Women’s Ministry within the Archdiocese of Atlanta Georgia.  Her mission, then and now, is to empower and support individuals as they seek to live lives of meaning and purpose.  Over the years she has built a thriving coaching practice where she is known for her warm, welcoming demeanor and her strengths focused approach. In addition, to personal and group coaching, Ruth writes curriculum and presents workshops on a variety of topics including, balanced living, communication, boundaries, parenting, marriage, finance and the gender connection, Strengths focused living, complimentary nature of gender, intentional living, and a strengths approach to goal setting.  In addition to earning her Certified Life Strategies Coach (CLSC) Designation in 2003, Ruth holds certifications in Marriage and Family Coaching, Couples Coaching, Relationship Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, and Strengths Strategy Coaching.  She is a member of the Strengths Strategy Business Development Partnership®(BDP) and the International Christian Coaches Association (ICCA).  Ruth is a life long learner and committed to continued personal and professional growth as a means to better serve her clients.

Although Ruth believes her career as a Life Coach is truly a calling, and one of the greatest joys of her life, her true passion is her faith and her family.  She has been married to her high school sweetheart for more than 35 years.  They are active members of their church and together they are working on their legacy, which includes eight children, six boys and two girls, and eleven grandchildren so far!  Ruth has been the primary educator for all her children, and continues to be humbled by the fruits of their time together.  Every day she is reminded that God does not call the qualified, He qualifies the called.  Outside of the education of her children, her own education, and building her business, Ruth cherishes the simple things of life.  She delights in being creative and enjoys finding ways to express it.  She loves to read, mostly non fiction, as this feeds her need to know about that which she doesn’t know!  She prefers spending time with friends and family over “going and doing”, and would rather be outside enjoying a walk in the woods or along the beach, than shopping or getting her nails done!  She loves animals of all kinds, and has been known to bring home a stray or two.  Since her motto is “people before things or tasks”, she would rather sit down for a chat than fold the laundry and she would rather travel to see family than to far off places.  Ruth’s top five strengths are Strategic, Maximizer, Belief, Individualization, and Activator.  She enjoys a strengths based approach to life and would love to get to know you and your top five! Www.galupstrengthscenter.com

Thanksgiving 2016 ~ Missing our dear son in-law for this picture!  He was away at training for federal law enforcement.