Ahhh….. Summer!  

I love taking advantage of the lighter schedule and longer days of Summer to tackle some of those things I can’t seem to get done during the rest of the year.  But that’s not the only thing I love about summer!  It’s not all about crossing things off my project list!  I have dreams of back road adventures, family time, and exciting experiences that will help us create lasting memories.

All too often though, we daydream and have visions of the perfect summer, only to have life take over and derail us. How many times have we arrived at August and been disappointed that our Summer didn’t turn out the way we wanted, hoped or expected?

NOT this year!!  With a little proactive planning we CAN have the summer of our dreams!

Let’s get ready to plan!  By following a few simple steps you’ll be able to name your dreams and prepare now to create the magnificent summer you yearn for – and deserve! 

What you’ll need:

  • A paper calendar
  • Your list of “set in stone” events and activities for this summer (any and all personal and family commitments that require your time this summer)
  • The attached worksheet
  • Extra paper (for writing down your brilliant ideas and creative dreams!)
  • Pencil (so you can erase and move things around!)

First, take a few minutes to consider how you would like your summer to be.  Imagine it’s August of this year, summer is over and you’re looking back; reminiscing on the best summer you’ve had in a long time!  Consider the following questions.

How was this summer better than the others?

What did you do?

What didn’t you do?

Who was with you?

Ok, now write down the answers to those questions…. What did you notice?  What do you want to do differently this summer? Who do you want to spend the time with? What don’t you want to do? 

Second, before we get bogged down with your “set in stone” list let’s spend a few minutes considering what we “want to do”this summer!  Grab your coaching worksheet and use it to identify your “Want to” list.  What 10 things would make this summer your best summer ever?”

Third, set aside your “want to” list for now because it’s time to consider your “have to” or “set in stone” list.  With your calendar and pencil in hand, enter in all the items you have on your “set in stone” list.  This can be family or personal commitments and events, kid’s activities, vacations, sports, etc…. whatever is already “set in stone”.

Fourth, Here’s the fun part!  You get to log in the days you choose for your 10 things. Here’s where you commit to love yourself enough to put your “want to’s “ on your calendar.  By doing this you are saying (and showing others) “I am important enough in my life to set this time aside”.  Love yourself

Sometimes, our best summer includes things that we decide NOT to do!  I encourage you to think through HOW you will accomplish that and, as a reminder, write it down on your calendar along with the things you WILL do.

So, there you have it!  Your brilliant plan for the Best Summer Ever!

Here’s to taking charge of our summer – and TRULY enjoying it this year!

Love and blessings,


Ps. Drop me a note at [email protected] and I’ll send you a coaching worksheet that will help you with your planning!