Are you stuck? Uncertain about life or your direction? Are you looking for your unique purpose? Are you wondering who God created you to be? Maybe you’re wondering what’s next? Or what else there is? Or where the heck your confidence went?

So often, we’re told that to “be happy” all we need to do is to fix, improve or change this that or the other thing about ourselves.  Rarely are we encouraged to invest our time, energy and financial resources on discovering and developing what we are already good at. 

How could your life be different if you knew how to identify and nurture your unique gifts and talents?  What if you spent the same amount of time, money and energy striving to improve what you are already good at?  Although it is true that learning and growing is an essential part of optimal living, it’s what we focus on that matters. Having a “strengths focus” is the key to effectively learning and growing in a way that gets us to where we ultimately want to go. 

This noisy, weakness focused world is happy to point out what’s wrong with you. In fact, sometimes it feels as if the world can be so loud and persistent in telling us what to fix or do different, that we can’t hear or see our true selves. It ends up leaving us even more confused!  The good news is that you have the power to tune out the noise and live the life you were created for – not the life the world is trying to sell you on!  You have the power to choose to live a “Strengths Focused” life!  

A weakness focused life brings chaos, discouragement, and confusion.  

A strengths focused life brings peace, hope, encouragement and clarity. 

As a strengths-based coach, I have the privilege of helping you find the answers that are specific to you – not what the world is screaming in your ear!!  You have been created with a unique set of gifts and talents that define your purpose. You carry this one of a kind combination of strengths into whatever mission God puts before you

Together, using a “3-D” approach, we’ll Discover, Develop, and learn to intentionally Deliver your particular brilliance!  Through the use of assessments, including the Clifton Strengths Assessment, we discover what makes you extraordinary. We look for evidence of who you are when you show up as your best self, what that looks like, and how you can bless your world with that brilliance! In addition to discovering what makes you unique, you’ll learn about the conditions that help you show up as your best self. Next, we’ll work on your personal plan, which includes strategies designed to, not only help you develop your distinct genius and unlock your full potential, but also to identify and mitigate your weak areas.  You’ll learn how you can effectively deliver your strengths to achieve your optimal life

Having discovered who God created you to be, and having developed some helpful strategies, it’s time for you play! Deliver your brilliance! Play to your strengths! It’s time to contribute your brilliance!  That “something” that only you can do, like you can do it!  You can bring it to the people you love, to your circle of influence, to your workplace, to the world!

Are you ready to discover or re-connect with your God given purpose? Are you ready to see and embrace who God created you to be? Are you ready to bless your family, friends and the world in a way only you can? 

The World Needs Who You Were Made To Be!!

Let’s do this!!  Contact me soon to start your journey! I can’t wait to hear from you!

Love and Blessings,