Imagine what it would be like to live your life knowing who you were created to be. You would know who you are, and who you are not…. And you would be perfectly fine with both. You would be so comfortable in your own skin that you wouldn’t be afraid to be yourself no matter the circumstance.  Just imagine knowing yourself that well!

You can!

Discovering your unique combination of strengths is the first step to this deep understanding of yourself. It’s super easy!   Just go to, and for $15 you get your top five strengths!  Well, that is, after you take a 15 minute assessment that determines you’re your unique top five combination!  That’s all you need to open the door to greater self knowledge and awareness.  It’s awesome!  Once you finish the assessment, you’ll have access to three reports; Strengths Themes, Strengths Insights Guide, and Strengths Insight and Action-Planning guide.  Print them all out!!

Take the time to read those reports!  There is a ton of great information that will help you understand what your strengths look like.  I suggest highlighting and make note of what resonates with you as you read about each of your strengths.  Also, take note of any action items that might apply to your current circumstances.

As you unpack the contents of your strengths reports,  you’ll begin to see a reflection of yourself.  You’ll see the unique and beautiful contributions you have the potential of making.  When I took the assessment, I remember thinking how wonderful it felt to have confirmation of some of the ways I operated and what I thought I had to offer. Discovering my strengths explained why I do certain things, and why I tend to think a certain way.  It has opened up a life long opportunity to learn about and appreciate who God created me to be.

Here’s the thing though, you can’t stop with just finding out what your strengths are.
That would be like having someone give you the most awesome gift ever; customized especially for you.  But instead of letting you open it, they just tell you what it looks like and what it can do.  And then your like, great! That’s awesome!! ….but, now what? What do I do with it?

“Now What?” Can be a common reaction after the initial “high” of discovering your personal strengths.  Seeing yourself on paper and being validated in so many ways is exhilarating.  In addition to the discovery part, following through on the suggested action items can be incredibly fulfilling!  It seems though, that eventually a common dilemma develops.  The “Now What” dilemma.

I have heard time and again, when talking about discovering Strengths, “That was great!… But, Now what?”  Well, going back to the gift analogy I used before, the answer to the “Now what” question, can be found inside the gift itself.  We need to open up the package and play with our strengths.  We need to get know them, and what they need, to perform at their best.  We also need to know what might cause them to malfunction or fail to show up altogether.  We can do all this through Strengths Strategy Coaching.

To get the most out of your strengths, find a certified Strengths Strategy Coach (yours truly is accepting new clients!).  Your SSC coach can help you discover who God created you to be, by unpacking your unique strengths, their contributions, and what you need to show up as your best self more consistently.  Strengths Strategy Coaching can also point you to what might be tripping you up and causing you to show up as less than your best self.

Your strengths are a gift from God, chosen especially for you.  When you discover them, and engage in Strengths Strategy coaching you will have the privilege of unpacking, and exploring, the unique combination that makes you, who God created you to be.  Understanding your strengths, their contributions, and what you need to show up as your best self, paves the way to deeper self knowledge and personal understanding.  Through your Strengths Strategy Coaching experience, you will come to a deep knowing and appreciation of who you are, and who you aren’t, and you will love yourself for both.

Give me a call or  send me an email to learn more about Strengths Strategy Coaching and how it can help you know who you were created to be.