Even though we’ve made great progress in the areas of positive psychology and strengths-based living, it seems we still like to focus on what needs to be fixed. From the time we were young the messages have been about developing, improving, and changing.  While those are wonderful goals, it’s “what” we focus on developing, changing, and improving that will determine our greatest success.  



Focusing on where you are strong will add to and improve what you are already strong in! Adding to and building on your existing strengths is like the “fast pass” to excellence and expertise!  We can maximize our growth potential and live our optimal life when we focus on developing and improving what we’re already good at! 



  1. Impact
  2. Innate 
  3. Interest 
  4. Inspire and infused

Impact Look at past experiences or relationships.  When did you make a difference in some way (small or large)?  What was that difference? What did you do to make that difference? How did you do it?  What was it about you that made the difference? What made you feel strong?  What did others notice? What was important about that?  What results did it produce? What was the impact on you?  What was the impact on others?  

Innate talent   Identify your innate talents. An innate talent is a way of being or doing that is so natural you don’t remember a time when you weren’t like that. You might say it’s your instinct. (“It’s what I’ve always done” Or “It’s the way I am”).  What are those ways of being that you consider your default way of being? What activities do you naturally gravitate toward?  What activities make you lose all sense of time? What do others notice in you as a natural ability or talent?  (“Oh! You’re a natural!”) 

Interest Name your areas of interest. We have a natural curiosity and interest in areas we are strong in.  The cool thing is that our neural networks are more receptive to information and skills in our areas of strength, which leads to quicker learning, expertise and mastery!  This natural interest and ability drives quick growth and expansion in a way that makes us unique and unrepeatable. 

Inspired and infused with energy – Seek activities or relationships that inspire, energize and make you feel fulfilled!  These activities tend to be those that you feel you just can’t do without.  In fact, you might even feel like you “Need” this to for fulfillment. Ask yourself What do you look forward to?  What are you willing to spend your time, energy and money on? What activities are you energized by?  What relationships fulfill you?  What about those activities or relationships is energizing and fulfilling?

I encourage you to consider your life in light of the 4- I’s, work through the list of questions, and identify your areas of strength. Remember, while striving to grow, improve and develop ourselves is a noble endeavor, it’s choosing to focus on your areas of strength that will help you live your best life!

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