What is the one habit that keeps us from being thankful? 

Can you believe Thanksgiving is one week from today!  And, with Thanksgiving comes that time of year when we consider what we’re grateful for.

Although practicing gratitude is valuable all year long, it’s especially nice to set aside one time a year where we tune into it in a special way.   Just like an annual physical check-up, we can use the Thanksgiving season, as our annual “Gratitude Check-up”!

This years “check-up” has uncovered a disease….  The “complaining disease”,  and one of the biggest roadblocks to gratitude is – complaining.

Complaining, like any bad habit, can be developed slowly over time and without even realizing it, the habit has taken root.   Whether it’s focusing on what we don’t have, what’s going wrong, or how aggravating that person is, discontent can sneak in and rob us of our thankfulness.

Focusing on the negative is a bad habit that distracts us from what we DO have and what IS going well, causing us to think what we have and who we are isn’t enough.

So, in honor of this week before thanksgiving, and in an effort to develop a new habit and purge the “complaining disease”, I’m issuing a gratitude challenge… or rather an “anti-complaining” challenge!

If you aren’t one for “challenges”, let’s call it a game!  Either way, I’m inviting you to join me for a week of NO COMPLAINING!  That’s right!  No whining, griping, moaning, negativity, or criticizing!  For a week…. to kickstart our new “no-complaining” habit!


Will you join me in committing to seven days of:

  • Focus on what we DO have, rather than on what we don’t.
  • Focus on what I CAN do, rather than what I can’t.
  • Focus on the gifts, talents, strengths of self and others, rather than on weakness.
  • Focus on giving the benefit of the doubt rather than. being critical.
  • Focus on the positive, rather than looking for the negative.
  • Focus on What’s going well, rather than obsessing over what sucks.

I’m committing to a complaint free week!  Will you join me?

I hope so!!  Let me know, and keep me posted on how a complaint-free week impacts your life!

Here’s to growing together!