For Busy Moms~6 Steps to the Best Lent Ever


Are you a busy mom?

Do you struggle to live out your lenten plans?

What if I were to tell you I have a different way to observe lent this year?

Today’s busy moms face a pace and lifestyle that can set us up for failure if we try to approach Lent the traditional way. I’d like to suggest a different approach to lent this year. Read more

You Can’t Truly Experience Easter Without Truly Living Lent

I’m that person that would rather drive than fly. Although I am excited about the destination, I value the potential opportunities for personal insight and growth along the way.  There’s nothing like piling ten people in a fifteen passenger van, and driving across the country, to help you learn more about yourself!  I think the experiences that occur between my point of departure and my destination are way too important to miss, so I am willing to drive almost anywhere!  To me the journey, and all that comes with it, makes arriving at the destination all that more sweet. Read more