What’s Your Definition of Success?




I feel like the word success has been a buzz word for centuries, but what does it mean? What is success?  Is there one universal definition for success?  If yes, what is it?  If no, why not?  As a coach, one of the questions I frequently ask is, “How will you know you are successful?”  Sometimes it can be challenging to find an answer to this question.  How will we know when we are successful?  It all depends on what your definition of success is. Read more

Why Happiness Is The Worst Goal Ever



Goals are important!   In fact, studies continue to prove how goal-setting can help us achieve more, and accomplish greater fulfillment in life.  Although setting goals can help us get more out of life, there are just some things that make horrible goals.  Happiness is one of those things. It’s the worst goal ever.

We live in a culture where happiness is used as an indicator for success.  Being happy seems to mean we have “arrived”, so we strive for it.  We are more than willing to invest whatever resources are necessary to ensure that we achieve this coveted goal.  Spending hours contemplating it, and a fortune pursuing it, happiness has become a common criteria for success. The trouble with happiness though, is that it’s tricky.

What is happiness and what makes it so tricky? Read more

Are You for Real?

After reading The Velveteen Rabbit the other day, I started to think about what it means to be Real. The story describes Real as a coveted state of being, something all playthings wanted to become. Somehow the rabbit knew that to be Real was much preferred over being fake. He knew that with Real, came something special, but he didn’t know exactly what that something special was. He had heard about being Real from the Skin Horse and some of the other toys, but he didn’t know how to get there himself. The book tells the story about his journey to Real. Not the “Real” someone else wanted him to be, but his Real. Read more