Spring Clean Your Life in 5 Easy Steps!

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Happy Spring!

This time of year always makes me think of spring showers, new beginnings, and spring cleaning!  There’s just something refreshing about throwing open all the windows and giving everything a good washing!  And while that’s true for our homes and our possessions, it can be even more true for our lives!  

Imagine the same feeling of satisfaction you get with a freshly cleaned house…. now, apply that to how you’ll feel about your life! I mean really!…. When’s the last time you threw open the windows of your “self” and gave all the areas of your life a good cleaning?  There’s no better time than right now!

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Your Lenten Journey

When you hear the word lent, what do you think of?  Ashes, penance, acts of service, sacrifice?  Although these are all part of Lent, they’re really only tools or aides that are used during our Lenten journey.  

What does Lent as a journey look like?  Like other journeys, Lent is a time when we intentionally travel from one place to another. We have a destination and a starting point. We aren’t just traveling from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday though! Instead, we’re intentionally moving from one condition, or way of being to another.  From a point of origin to our destination.  

Where are we headed? What is your destination?

We could say that the destination is universal – During Lent we are all called to “Change, Conversion, and New Beginnings”.  Although our destinations might sound similar, our point of origin will be unique to each of us, according to our circumstances, which makes the journey to our destination one of a kind!

Where do we begin? What is your point of origin?

On Ash Wednesday, when we begin our forty-day Lenten voyage, we find ourselves in a certain “condition”, both spiritually and humanly.  Notice, that there are behaviors and patterns (both spiritual and human) that we are currently in, that prevent us from being the best version of who God made us to be. These characteristics are a barrier to our human and spiritual wellbeing and define our current “way of being” or our “point of origin”.  Lent is our opportunity to be honest with our current state of being, identify those barriers and understand what we want to change, convert or start anew.   What characteristics or current behavior are preventing you from reaching your destination?

Now that you’ve identified your point of origin and clarified your destination, it’s time to plan How you will get from where you are now, to where you want to be on Easter Sunday! 

Because we are all starting this journey from different places, how we will travel to the destination will look remarkably different – so – don’t compare your journey with anyone else’s!  Keep your eyes on your destination and travel in your lane! What does your lane look like? How will you use the Lenten tools available to help you reach your destination? 

There are 3 things that can help tremendously on your Lenten journey, a map, a plan and a toolbox. 

  1. The map – this represents the various routes available.  All good in their own way, but like all successful trips, we have to choose ONE way – we cannot travel ALL the routes!  Be realistic, take your current circumstances into consideration.  For example, some routes are more conducive to small children, while others are more suited to empty nesters!  Take a look at what devotions and Lenten practices are available at your local church, add those to your own family traditions and choose the path best suited for your state in life.
  2. The plan – this represents the old-fashioned highlighter that we used to use to mark our route on the map!  Although we are far from using highlighters and paper maps, the idea of identifying our route is still a good one!  Once you have considered all your options and chosen your “route” – this is where you “highlight” the route you have committed to.  First, mark parish activities and group devotions on the calendar for all to see and plan around.  Next, personally make note of your destination, point of origin, and what you will do for the 40 days of Lent.  Finally, invite your friends and loved ones to do the same!
  3. The toolbox – this represents the traditional Prayer, fasting, and giving and can be used in variety of ways.  How will you use the tools of Prayer? Fasting? Giving?

Our Lenten journey can take us from one state of being to another …From one frame of mind to another…. From one way of seeing life to another.  With God’s help we can use this Lenten Journey to make the changes that lead us to that deep and profound conversion where we can wake up on Easter Sunday with a renewed understanding of Christ’s gift to us!

6 Habits That Destroy Gratitude

November is just around the corner!

And with it comes Thanksgiving and the focus on gratitude. I love the idea of intentionally cultivating the habit of thankfulness all year!  In fact, every Thursday is #ThankfulThursday on my social media feed, which challenges me to consistently be aware of what I love and feel blessed by so that I can share it with you!  I’ve been thinking lately…. Why, even with this weekly practice, can I sometimes still fall short in the grateful department! Why? What is it that trips me up?

What is it that derails our efforts to be more grateful? ……. Our habits.

Underlying habits that we may not even be aware of can sneak in and trip us up. Certain habits, like weeds in a garden, can creep into our garden of gratitude and strangle our grateful heart, prevent its growth. Many habits come to mind, but these six habits are particularly lethal for gratitude; comparing, self-pity, complaining, isolation, entitlement and busyness.  

Certain habits can derail our efforts to cultivate gratitude!

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Hello dear friends!

It’s hard to believe, but here we are! We’re heading into the last quarter of the year.  In my conversations with different people about 2020 and how they will live this last quarter, I’ve gotten a variety of reactions.  But most of them are some variation of, “This year has been horrible! I can’t wait for it to be over!”.  They dream of 2021 and the promise of “a better life”.  Read more

How to live Your Optimal Life

Achieve Your Optimal Life!

Are you stuck? Uncertain about life or your direction? Are you looking for your unique purpose? Are you wondering who God created you to be? Maybe you’re wondering what’s next? Or what else there is? Or where the heck your confidence went?

So often, we’re told that to “be happy” all we need to do is to fix, improve or change this that or the other thing about ourselves.  Rarely are we encouraged to invest our time, energy and financial resources on discovering and developing what we are already good at. 

How could your life be different if you knew how to identify and nurture your unique gifts and talents?  What if you spent the same amount of time, money and energy striving to improve what you are already good at?  Although it is true that learning and growing is an essential part of optimal living, it’s what we focus on that matters. Having a “strengths focus” is the key to effectively learning and growing in a way that gets us to where we ultimately want to go. 

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